Say Good Night To Bad Sleep.

Level up your sleep with our personal sleep assistant in the Bay Area. Sleepwell resolves your sleep issues with scientific methods.

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Sleep Tracked Data

Instantly understand you slept. Data lets us look beyond the occasional good or bad night to find deep insights into your sleep.

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Personalized Treatment

Everyone is different - Melatonin works for some but not others. You’ll experience an array of clinical backed solutions (supplements, CBT, etc) to find what works best for you!

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Pay for Results

If we can't improve your sleep within the first three months, you get a full refund.

Your Personal Sleep Coach

Meet James

Chemist & Startup Founder

Our CEO James Sinka faught insomnia while building his company. He tested the best science backed sleep remedies and found out what’s best for him using sleep trackers. He uses his insomniac experiences and chemistry expertise to bring you the results he experienced.

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The Problem

Getting better sleep should be easy, but it’s hard.

Lack of Knowledge

You would have research sleep trackers, to read scientific articles about sleep improvements (supplements, CBT, etc.), and then A/B test all the advice on yourself to try and find something that works.

Lack of Equipment

It takes time. It’s confusing. It’s a ton of work - like filing taxes.

Lack of Sleep

Equally bad are the consequences of bad sleep - forgetfulness, inability to learn, cancer, & death.


We have helped the top 1% elite professionals to level up their sleep

Kevin Hale

— They had me out like a bear hit with a tranquilizer - I got deep sleep.

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— This made it easy to fall asleep. Normally I take 30 minutes but I was out within 10.

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— I don't need to take pharmaceuticals because of this"

Find the right plan and get some rest.

The Sleepwell Plan

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What’s included
  • Sleep tracker
  • A sleep regimen
  • Personal sleep coach
  • Sleep mask and earplugs
  • Custom dosed supplements
  • Monitoring to get you back on track
Program Options
100% Money Back Guarantee if we can't improve your sleep in three months.

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