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Data Driven Sleep Analysis

Science is the cornerstone of SleepWell

Sleep tracking technology is one of our core pillars. SleepWell coaches use data to personalize your experience. Leveraging statistical analysis, we find identify problems and build actionable steps solve them. We then compare your new sleep to the original baseline, to navigate our experimentation and coaching.

SleepWell data overload

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We have helped professionals maximize their sleep.

Kevin Hale

— SleepWell had me out like a bear hit with a tranquilizer - I got deep sleep.

SleepWell Felipe Testimonial

— SleepWell made it easy to fall asleep. Normally I take 30 minutes but I was out within 10.

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— I don't need to take pharmaceuticals because of SleepWell.

James Gregory

— SleepWell has done all the research, so I just do what they tell me, and it works. I no longer feel this anxiety around sleep, it’s finally under control.

Dean Yim

— I used to wake up in the middle of the night multiple times a week. Now that only happens once a month.

José Varela

— The service started paying for itself immediately. I was going to binge tv before bed, but instead the accountability to my SleepWell coach made me mindful to prioriitize sleep.

Good sleep is vital, we make it automatic.

The Sleep Puzzle

Sleep is complex and challenging to understand.

Information Overload

There's loads of sleep trackers to choose from. Hundreds of research papers on how to improve sleep. Then you need to figure out what to do, track it, and if it worked. Who has the time to do all that? Let our sleep coaches handle the workload for you.

SleepWell data overload

Lack of Clarity

Sleep trackers are great for generating data, but what can you do with it? How do you derive meaning from it and what should you do next?
We'll show you. We analyze your sleep data and give you simple, actionable steps to follow.

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Poor Sleep

Humans sleep for 1/3 of their lives to power the other 2/3's. Good sleep improves your memory & mood, increases your productivity, enhances muscle growth, and so much more. Upgrade yourself with SleepWell.

SleepWell Poor Sleep

The SleepWell Plan

What’s included
  • Sleep tracker
  • Custom sleep regimen
  • Personal sleep coach
  • Sleep mask and earplugs
  • Tailored supplements
  • Sleep monitoring to get you back on track

Meet James

Chemist & Startup Founder

Our CEO James Sinka fought insomnia while building his company. He tested the best science backed sleep remedies and discovered what’s best using sleep trackers. James uses his experiences from his lifelong study of biology and chemistry to bring you tried and true results.

SleepWell CEO James Sinka

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