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What is SleepWell?

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SleepWell is data-driven sleep coaching. We combine techology with coaching in the process of improving and accelerating your sleep quality, to empower your best self in the daytime.
Our skilled coach will help you understand your sleep and tailor a coaching program to realize your sleep goals, then take strategic actions to close the gap between where you are and where you want to be. We help you level up your sleep and life.

The SleepWell System


As a SleepWell client, you will begin with a Sleep Tracker (Oura or Withings) that measures your sleep across our 3 key analytic dimensions:

  1. Sleep quality (REM, Deep, Light)
  2. Sleep regularity (frequency and timing)
  3. Sleep anomalies (waking up, snoring, traveling, etc) identify hidden strengths and development opportunities. Our team will then build a personal Sleep Baseline profile to understand your unique sleep blueprint. This blueprint guides both you and your coach through your sleep development. We eliminate the need to take regular surveys by using technology to actively understand your sleep.

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1-on-1 Coaching

From here, your coach will then design a personalized development plan based on your history (sleep-improvement experience), lifestyle (9-5, founder, executive, etc) and environmental factors (children, partnered, etc). During regular 1-on-1 sessions, you will work with your coach on your personalized plan and current experiment. Our program is then adapted for you, as you evolve, based on continuing team feedback.

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Scientific Review

Science is the cornerstone of SleepWell. Built by scientists, SleepWell has used cutting edge sleep science and millions of data points to develop our knowledge base. We curate the most relevant and impactful tools from this body of knowledge to optimize your sleep. Science is our standard, from our algorithms to our coaching methods to our sleep trackers and beyond.

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We have helped professionals maximize their sleep.

Kevin Hale

— SleepWell had me out like a bear hit with a tranquilizer - I got deep sleep.

SleepWell Felipe Testimonial

— SleepWell made it easy to fall asleep. Normally I take 30 minutes but I was out within 10.

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— I don't need to take pharmaceuticals because of SleepWell.

Could I benefit from coaching?

The best executives, investors, and athletes have coaches.
We believe the world’s best sleepers do too.

We all have room to grow, and we could do better with an experienced partner to help us on the journey. Coaches can help us in a myriad of ways, but three of the most fundamental ones are:

  • Our coaches have a different perspective from you. Often we are stifled in our growth by limited self-awareness. They can see the situation in a way others can’t.
  • Our coaches are on your team. They can empathize and be your advocate while helping you push your boundaries where appropriate.
  • Our coaches are scientists. They aggregate and leverage decades of sleep science to provide the most proven techniques in human knowledge.

Sleep challenges may be constantly in the back of your mind, but you’re too busy to attend to them and find answers. SleepWell is designed to help you understand your sleep and to blossom your skills so you can regain control of your sleep.

What coaching is NOT…

We are NOT medical professionals; our founding team is comprised of 3 scientists. We leverage the top peer-reviewed scientific evidence to make our decisions. We can not, however, diagnose serious sleep problems or prescribe pharmaceuticals, and we strongly urge you to you consult your primary care physician about these if you may need them. Our goal IS HOWEVER for you to learn how to take care of yourself with ease and without second thoughts. Your coach will partner with you to help you develop yourself with skills, resources, and insights.


While there are some similarities (strong client-therapist/coach relationship, regularity, holistic view), therapy is very different from coaching. Therapists are clinically trained to diagnose and treat sleep disorders. Coaching, on the other hand, takes the coachee’s background and personal life into account, but is action-oriented and mostly takes place in the “here and now”.

What is the role of my coach?

An effective coach is a partner who helps you clarify your goals, and empowers you to achieve them through detailed planning, action, and reflection.

Your SleepWell coach uses scientific methods to help you understand, build and improve your sleep. We are “in your corner” supporting and challenging you, always holding your goals in priority.

SleepWell coaches are most effective in bearing the cognitive load of improving your sleep while holding you accountable to your sleep goals.

How can I use SleepWell?

Data-driven coaching is a way of formalizing and supercharging your personal growth. We spend ⅓ of our lives asleep, where life-sustaining processes take place to make us flexible, energized, and enthusiastic about life.

Most people use coaching for:

  • Ongoing development: Our models are constantly refined and developed to derive insights that traditional coaches or computation can’t deliver.
  • Situational support: know that whatever challenge is thrown at you, you’ll have a coach by your side who can help you forecast travel tactics, prepare for a big day and even help you navigate through stressful periods in life.
  • Overcoming blockers to success: your coach can help you identify habits that are keeping you from taking your sleep to the next level. SleepWell provides a safe space to learn and become familiar with yourself and your sleep, through a combination of data insight, scientific review, and supported action.
  • Improving sleep long-term: your coach helps you to close the gap between how your sleep is, and how you’d like it to be. You’ll be guided on making the most of your sleep, and how to sustain good sleep, for a lifetime.

The SleepWell Plan

What’s included
  • Sleep tracker
  • Custom sleep regimen
  • Personal sleep coach
  • Sleep mask and earplugs
  • Tailored supplements
  • Sleep monitoring to get you back on track

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